Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sugar snap peas at cruising altitude

HIS is my first time TWD (traveling while diabetic), but I know enough about dietary temptations and making poor food choices while hungry or on vacation that I thought it would be wise to plan ahead. Having been a captive passenger on a transcontinental flight before, I know I'm much more likely to accept that proffered bag of pretzels or chocolate chip cookie when I'm ravenous and have no healthy option other than starving. So yesterday I did my shopping for the flight. I picked up lean lunchmeats and cherry tomatoes and various cheeses and nuts and jerky and sugar free gelatin -- basically every diabetes-friendly snack that sounded good. I went home and prepped, washing the produce, cutting up the meats and cheeses, boiling water for the gelatin, and packaging everything into portion-sized reusable plastic containers. Everything went into the fridge overnight, and in the morning I swept it all into my carry-on along with my glucose monitor and metformin. I enjoyed sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes at cruising altitude as my fellow passengers looked on enviously, and when those Mephistophelian chocolate chips came around I could turn them down with ease, even without possessing herculean willpower.

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