Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Peripatetic perambulations around Provo

So today the handsome and talented CM and I did a little wandering around the city of Provo and decided to take a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This is the ginormous American Weeping Elm tree behind the county courthouse. It was planted in 1927 and is still going strong.

The trunk is a regular maze of thick branches and looks perfect for climbing.

But don't even think about it.

There are many poles in place to keep the spreading branches from cracking and falling off the tree.

We went to Memorial Park and visited the obelisk.

Also the (inoperable) guns on display, which I believe are of World War II vintage.

We visited the little memorial to Dr. Barney Clark, first artificial heart recipient and a son of Provo.

And we visited Wasatch, Miss V's former elementary, which is The Best School in the Land.

As Mr. T might say, "You can't deny! It's been proven by science, fool!"

The Wasatch Elementary flag pole. Many's the time one of my siblings participated in the daily flag ceremony.

The ground around the flagpole, much like the bricks lining the floor of Pike Place Market, is festooned with names of those who helped refurbish it.

Some of these names are quite familiar.

From there it was on to BYU campus. I call this one "Portrait with GPS Device."

We found many interesting and unexpected things on campus.

One of them was a scale model of BYU's campus, all laid out in wooden blocks, hiding on the bottom floor of the library.

Another we found in the BYU Bookstore:

Rubber duckies! Duckies out the wazoo! Were they for sale, you ask?

No, they were not. But since they were for fun...

...Captain Midnight promptly made a little friend.


BYU Bookstore said...

FYI: Many years ago BYU Bookstore help desk man "The Don" received a rubber ducky as a gift, which he promptly placed on his desk. Since that fateful day many friends, customers and fellow employees have gifted, added, and helped The Don's collection grow from a little flock to the large paddling that it is today. Glad you had fun! Feel free to stop by again anytime.

Soozcat said...

I'm very familiar with "The Don" in question, as he was in my home ward in Provo for many years. He also knows my niece Miss V pretty well.

We had a good time. Thanks for maintaining the rubber duck flock!