Saturday, July 02, 2011

Summer balloons

Once again we are in Utah visiting my mom. Captain Midnight and Miss V woke early to hike the Y trail and find some geocaches today, an experience I chose not to share. Before heading out, however, CM woke me to let me know I was potentially missing out on something.

Here's what it was:

They were everywhere this morning.

I didn't catch the Darth Vader balloon this morning, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere. I did, however, catch the glorious flying piggy bank.

Also Smokey Bear, who appeared to be the leader in the Hare and Hounds game.

I'm not a big fan of getting up early, but once in a while it's worth it.


MarieC said...

Ah, I remember the balloons! What fun. I do love Provo in the summertime.

Linda said...

I love you blog!

Linda said...

Oops, I love your blog!

Soozcat said...

Thank you!

ruthie said...

What a fantastic sight, a few years back i had the luck to be in bristol, uk to catch their balloon festival, it was amazing, especially when they had lots of them on the ground in the evening & used the flames to light up the balloons in time to music!!

Soozcat said...

Ruthie, that sounds fantastic. I felt fortunate to catch these pictures -- they were planning on having one more day of balloons, but the weather didn't cooperate.