Monday, February 13, 2012

The Blue Monkey revealed!

How to catch a roving blue monkey:

Step 1: procure a banana.

Step 2: put the banana into a small-mouthed pot. (There are lots of these around our house, a nice side effect of Captain Midnight's pottery skills.)

Step 3: wait patiently for monkey-man to take the bait.

Step 4:

SUCCESS! Behold the Blue Monkey!

He informs us that his name is Simeon von Pumpernickel, he enjoys sailing and badminton, and he has a bachelor's degree in applied physics. But most of all, he confides, though he rose from humble beginnings, he is sure that he could be A MOVIE STAR if he could get out of this place.

What do you think? Does Simeon have the screen charisma to make it in film?


Jennette said...

Big screen? Absolutely! With the right agent, of course!

Anonymous said...

Wait until he meets Charles Clarence!

Wendy Jean said...

Sooo cute!