Sunday, November 04, 2012

And so on to Year 43!

Yes, thanks to Daylight Savings Time departing extra-late this year, I get to enjoy a full 25 hours of birthday festivities! WELCOME TO BONUS STAGE, folks. You have my official permission to Goof Off for the rest of the day, in any wise what seemeth thee good.

In fact, the only burdensome thing about my birthday this year was that my (out-of-state) license finally expired, and I was forced to get another one. And as I've pointed out on numerous occasions, I'd rather chew tinfoil than have my picture taken. Whenever I have to stare down the emotionless cyclops eye of a camera, I'm tempted to request a blindfold and a cigarette. At least it was all over quickly.

Still working on entries for Remedial Adulthood. I welcome your suggestions for future blog posts. BUT NOT TODAY! Today is Goof-Off Day! Forsooth!

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