Thursday, November 01, 2012

My other project

A few years ago I started fiddling around with the idea of a non-fiction book: a very basic, very snarky manual of manners, etiquette, hygiene, household management and other life skills for people who were over the age of 21 but hadn't really mastered the fine points of adulthood.  As projects like these tend to do, it sat on my hard drive for a long time, largely inert after the primary burst of energy that had inspired it.

About two weeks ago I mentioned the idea again on Facebook, as one of those half-baked concepts that sorta float around in your head.  The response was surprisingly positive.  I began to wonder whether I shouldn't just go ahead and write it up somewhere online, a piece at a time, rather than letting it languish forever on the hard drive.

On October 18, I took the plunge and made the whole project into a blog.  Here it is:

Remedial Adulthood

Writing this project has been good for me, because in some ways I need an instruction manual for adulthood, even at nearly-43.  Most of these things I was taught while I was young, some things I learned later, and a few I'm discovering for the first time (etiquette tip: never take medication at the table.  In my defense, it wasn't something I needed to know until I had to start taking medication), but in any case you never outgrow the need to be reminded of what you should be doing.

I'm sure I'll have my work cut out for me for some time.  This adulthood stuff is harder than it looks.

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