Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A mysteeeeeerious package!

I have neglected to mention that a mysteeeeeerious package showed up in the mailbox a few days ago.

Behold its mysteriousness, for it cometh from a secret fairy in none other than Secret Shropshire!

"What's inside?" you may ask. As well you may.

Well, this is what's inside. Some novelty Paperchase wildlife stickers which Miss V is lusting after...

...and a top-hatted caterpillar, waiting for Alice to arrive.

Many thanks and cross-pond hugs to my not-so-secret Shropshire friend.


Gretel said...

That took a while to arrive! Only a little thing, but sent with huge love and next time there may be some stickers for Miss Vee too :)

Soozcat said...

I might let her have a sticker or two. If I'm feeling generous. :)

Thank you so much! When I saw it in the box I just about did a dance right there in the street.