Friday, June 28, 2013

Another mysteeeeeerious package!

(Sorry for posting this earlier than I should have... I hadn't read the instructions carefully.  Today is Big Reveal Day, so I've posted it again.)

I tell you, if you're in the mood for mysteeeeeerious packages, this blog is Da Place Ta Be just recently.

It was the 17th.  Miss V and I had scarcely pulled into the driveway when our Friendly Neighborhood Mail Lady arrived in a mail truck just behind us.  "Here you go," she said, and handed over a package.

What package was this? Ooo, wait, I know!

So we got it inside and onto the table post haste.  Then we grabbed some scissors and went to town.

The first thing we encountered was a cheery smile from Karen!

Inside, delectable morsels of awesomeness: Snapea Crisps, tricolor couscous, cinnamon sticks, agave syrup, maple syrup, pine nuts, chicken stock... and CHOX! Woot! And Karen was kind enough to pass along her couscous recipe (along with the necessary ingredients to make it), which I shall be putting together for Captain Midnight and Miss V very soon.

Thank you so much to Karen, my lovely pen pal from New Hampshire, and to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean for hosting and matching up Foodie Penpals for this month!

Can't talk now, mouth's full. It's rude and all. *num chox*

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