Thursday, July 11, 2013

...the what?

Can't go on at length -- I'm writing another chapter of Unseen -- but first I must share with you what may be the most awesomely absurd building in the city of Provo, Utah.


Behold the (now closed) Harvest All You Can Eat Buffet. The location was purpose-built to house a Mexican restaurant, complete with Southwestern adobe motif and lots and lots of neon signage, but somebody thought it would make a prime location for a Chinese food buffet and sushi bar.

Apparently, a critical mass of potential customers didn't agree with this reasoning; despite the hand-lettered "OPEN" sign in the window, the place is deserted.

The pointy mountaintop at right is Squaw Peak, part of the Wasatch Range that forms the backbone of the Intermountain West. Also a hot spot for date nights.

Annnnd that's it. Back to writing.

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