Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's just another day

So: quotidian adventures in the life of Soozcat.

6 a.m.: half woke up when Captain Midnight left for work, giving me kisses as he went. Mmm, amazing Captain Midnight. Plus he works hard for the money, so you better treat him right.

about 8:45: REALLY woke up thanks to the funky scent of asphalt coming through the open window (my landlord is making improvements to the property). Slid out of bed and plodded around the house aimlessly for a while, checked social media, took morning meds. "Take with food?" Huh. Maybe I should do that. Ate salami for breakfast... and I actually wonder why I'm not losing weight. Doi.

9:15: the idea wandered into my head that I should write a "my day" thing. Opened Notepad and started typing this. So far my day is bleary-eyed and riveting, no?

9:30: Put white strips on my teeth (thought it over and decided I'd rather pay $30 for over-the-counter white than $300 for dentist white).

9:35: STOP. Shower time!

9:53: out of shower. (For this Mormon girl, showers fill the need that coffee fills for everyone else: they help wake you up, and they're a quality experience that is not to be rushed.) Pulled off white strips. Um. I think I might have flipped the upper and lower strips by mistake. Oh well. Meditated on the white strips box. What is this "3D WHITE" thing? Are my teeth gonna be so dazzlingly gleaming that the whiteness projects a foot from my mouth? Will people duck when I smile? Next up, no doubt, "4D WHITE" that improves your enamel's appearance in SPACE and TIME. Heh.

9:56: oh, right. Probably time to get dressed.

9:59: about halfway through getting dressed, noticed wall clock was not keeping proper time any more. Dug through junk drawer for functional AA battery, popped out the old one, put the new one in, tweaked the time, hung it back on the wall. Then remembered I was still wandering around half-clad.

10:05: finally fully dressed (jeans and T-shirt, the nerd uniform), though I should probably whip this towel off my head at some point. Also, old red T-shirt has holes at the neck and shoulders. Meh, I'll wear it today and then retire it for good.

10:08: briefly sucked into social media again. Giggled at Chaucer Doth Tweet's attempt to conjugate, in Middle English, the verb "yolo." Noticed I was burning daylight. Ran away! Ran away!

10:12: turned on YouTube, found The Knack's "My Sharona" and turned it up. Time to put dishes away. Repeat to fill the dishwasher up again.

10:22: started dishwasher. Danced around the kitchen. My-my-my-ay-ay-WOO! So glad the NSA can't see this. At least not as far as I know. Paranoia Moment. Wondered briefly whether they have "American Idol: NSA Edition" at spytastic HQ. Tempted to moon the NSA just for kicks.

10:25: finally whipped that towel offa my head because I gots me a doctor's appointment.

10:30: found purse and dragged a brush through my hair. I'm just gonna go to this appointment with wet hair today. It's not like the doctor's going to care one way or the other.

10:35: all right, into the Hyundai, flyboy! VROOM. Slalomed through traffic, singing along to Peter Hollens' version of "Not Over You" on the thumb drive. The last mile of road to the doctor's office was getting torn up, so I waited a while for a flagger to wave me through.

10:55: in the waiting room. I skimmed a People article on Oprah Winfrey, then watched a young dad with an adorable toddler daughter (dark curly hair, yellow top, little voice like a bell) playing together with Duplo blocks.

11:10: the doctor must be running late. A lady in a dark green salwar kameez, presumably the little girl's mom, came out into the waiting room and had a brief conversation with her husband in a subcontinental language (I'm not sure what it was; it didn't sound like Hindi) before disappearing down the hall. A delivery man came in with a package, dropped it off and departed. The lady returned and asked for a glass of water.

11:15: a new patient -- a tall man in a green T and jeans -- checked in for his 11:15 appointment. Now I've had a policy the last few years about waiting for doctor appointments. If I'm kept waiting anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes in the waiting room, I reschedule. The way I see it, if a doctor is running a quarter of an hour or more late, she's so harried by running from patient to patient that she's probably not going to be able to give the best possible care anyway -- and if I break today's appointment to reschedule for a less hectic time, it makes her day and mine easier at once. The receptionist was very apologetic, but it wasn't her fault. So, I'm set up for next Tuesday at 10. (Don't let me forget.)

11:30: home again, home again, jiggity-jig. Singing all the way. Thanks for the vocal workout, Peter Hollens!

11:35: turned on Skype to talk to Captain Midnight. We discussed a potential carpool situation for tonight's festivities (on which, more later).

11:45: well, enough of this gay banter; let's do some writing. Shuttled back and forth between WordPerfect (still the best word processor EVAR) and Skype chat with Captain Midnight (still the most awesome husband EVAR).

12:16: hungry. Spooned up some of the leftover green soup from last night and had that, cold, for lunch. This soup is full of pureed new peas, so it might not be that good for my blood sugar. Guess we'll find out in an hour or so.

12:45: found I was bumping around between writing and social media, with stronger emphasis on social media. Turned it off.

1:05 p.m.: looked over today's writing, and... meh. Meh! I call myself a writer? ...meh. Time to switch tasks, then. Emptied the dishwasher. Started a laundry load. At least I'll get something done today.

1:15: butt back in chair. No, wait, time to check my blood.

1:17: blood sugar reading was 116. Acceptable. OK, NOW butt back in chair.

1:20: duh. MY NAME R SOOZ N I R A RITER. pthpbh.

1:38: phone call from Mom.

2:09: off the phone. Yes, we have lengthy phone conversations thanks to super-cheap rates! More Butt In Chair work. Still not happy with work quality today.


3:35: with laundry busy oscillating, decided it was time for a snack (ham and the last of the rye crackers). Omnomnomnom.

3:43: more conversation with Captain Midnight. Because he's cute.

4:01: hmm, these bills don't seem to be paying themselves. Logged on to bank website and paid them.

4:10: had a quick visit from a former neighbor asking about a carpool to a music venue tonight. Verified we would be leaving at 6:00.

4:15-4:40: zoned out on social media. I know... bad writer, bad, no biscuit.

4:42: ten-minute(ish) write.

4:55: off to pick up Captain Midnight from work.

5:05: got Captain Midnight, fought traffic, successfully found our cache o' the day, headed back to the house.

5:30: sat around yakking about this and that with CM, until our neighbor showed up for a ride.

6ish: headed into Seattle. Traffic jams ho!

6:40: made it to Studio 7, wandered in, talked to various members of Happy Leviathan and related family members. Eventually got kicked back out to the curb.

7:00: allowed back in after we showed our tickets.

The evening's lineup included a folk-ish duo named Erika and Rachel, an alt-rock band called Beneath the Spin Light, and of course, our nerd-rock buddies from Happy Leviathan as pictured above (all three are alumni of the Nerd Brigade). We evilly scampered away after HL had their set, because we're old farts who need to be home before midnight. (Captain Midnight was out the door by 6 a.m. today, you will recall.)
Dropped off our rider and spent the rest of the way home talking about former child stars and whether Hollywood has a responsibility to "debrief" its child stars to prepare them for real life, so they don't become hapless hot messes the minute they turn 18.

10:10: home sweet home. And thanks to earplugs helpfully provided by Anika, my ears are not ringing tonight.

That brings us up to now. Captain Midnight is settling down for bed, and I've taken my evening meds and am now scrounging around for an evening nosh. If I have some sort of incredible brainwave, I'll stay up another hour or two and write (for some reason I get more ideas and write better at night than I do at any other time); otherwise, I'll hit the sack.

So how was your day?


MarieC said...

I love that you still use WordPerfect, and am ashamed to say that I don't.

Soozcat said...

There's no shame in using Word. I know everyone else does. I have to convert most of my files over to Word if I'm going to share them. I just prefer the way WordPerfect works.