Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kitchen fairy... la la la!

Today there are two things I must do.

No, scratch that. Make it three.

1. Wake up. (For a night owl like me who's often up until 2 a.m., this might prove to be the most challenging part of the day.)

2. Fill this pot with chili for the ward chili cook-off tomorrow.

3. Make a big ol' batch of World Domination Sugar Cookies (not pictured, because hello, they're not made yet) in jack-o-lantern shapes, and send a few to my lovely sister.

This list is in addition to the usual suspects -- dishes, laundry, avoiding housecleaning, running various and sundry errands, having a chocolate break, that sorta thing -- to be accomplished on a Tuesday. Ngh. Plus I really should be writing at some point.

Listen, whaddya say I just forget the whole thing and crawl back into bed?

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