Saturday, October 26, 2013

Steamcon V: Around The World

(Hi folks! As always with our annual coverage of Steamcon, if any of the pictures in this specific post feature you, feel free to download and share them.)

Here we are in beautiful downtown Bellevue, host of Steamcon.

This is the second time Miss V's been to Steamcon, and her enthusiasm for all things costume has not in any way diminished. By now I pretty much know the drill. So the minute we got past registration, I relinquished the camera.

Six hours later this footage was found.

The sound in this footage accurately reflects Miss V's level of squee with this dragonish creature.

"The best of friends!" Thanks guys.

I really enjoy the poses.

It's happened twice, so now it's a tradition!

(Thanks, guys!)

Ah, Mr. Rabbit!

V really wanted to give him a hug, but feared it would not be polite.

Remember, when con-going, stay hydrated.

Two words: Retractable. Wings. Miss V audibly gasped when they appeared.

The retractable wings from the back.

Epic facial hair, part 1.

V's keen on potions and apothecaries right now, so she loved this.

Epic facial hair, part 2.

The little flickery, glowy vials on our Russian friend really deserved to be filmed -- still photos don't do the effect justice.

The birdie bustle!

I think I recognize a familiar pose from last year...

Even the transportation was cool.

Th-th-th-that's all, folks! We'll see you next year.

Thanks again to all who graciously agreed to be photographed (and to those who equally graciously declined).

We're sorry we missed many pictures of amazing garb! Also not pictured here, as it wasn't allowed: some amazing items in the art room, including a mechanized metal parrot who blinked, flapped and talked back.


Old Fashion Halloween said...

Thanks for sharing you were sweet about asking to take photos. The parrot in the art show and the guy dressed as a rabbit were some of my favorites of this years Steamcon. If there is a 6 hope to see you there.

Soozcat said...

Oh, count on it -- we'll both be there!

Improdango said...

Steampunk Emporium's FB page has a post today of the mechanical parrot and it's creator taken at another event.

Soozcat said...

I'll have to check that out. The parrot was amazing. (And thank you so very much for the tip!)

Gem said...

Thanks for the compliments on the mechanical parrot! That was actually part of my art display (GemPunk Jewelry).

I have pictures of the original parrot posted on my website (, the parrot on Steampunk Emporium's FB page wasn't the one in the show - but good sleuthing!

Soozcat said...

Thanks so much for coming by, Gem! Miss V and I both loved that parrot and had great fun talking to it to see what it would do next.