Thursday, April 03, 2014

They never make passes...

So I had my annual eye exam today. As part of the usual process, my eyes were dilated, which means that my pupils are now the size of Schenectady and EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE IT'S IN ALL CAPS.

The good news? No sign of complications from diabetes.

The bad news?


OK, so it's not a major prescription -- which is good, because that means I can do without it, and I will do without it for as long as I can, because I don't wanna have to wear glasses.

This is not to say I hate the look of glasses in general; some people do just fine with them. My honey looks good in glasses. My sister looks super cute in glasses. My mom looks positively adorable in glasses. But I look AWFUL in glasses. They don't even make me look intelligent -- see, that wouldn't be so bad -- but noooo, instead they make me look like a complete and utter dweeb. I won't even wear sunglasses. (Not even today, when everything is visually turned up to 11.)

Since I'm getting older and my eyes are getting less flexible, I'll probably have to succumb eventually, but until then I'm fighting this all the way. Looking into contact lenses or LASIK or whatever else works.

In the meantime, anybody want to see some funkily-dilated pupils?

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