Saturday, March 07, 2015

Gnome pranks and related shenanigans

Are you familiar with the gnome prank?

"Oooh, gnomes now!" --Mr. Tweedy
The TL;DR version: surreptitiously steal a garden gnome, have it send "letters home" explaining that it's gone on vacation, then photograph it doing various things on its adventures, sending them back to the owner. Eventually return it along with some mementos of its vacation. The Travelocity gnome mascot is loosely based on this prank.

But it doesn't have to be a gnome, and it doesn't have to be done without the consent of the owner, either. A friend of mine (hi Helena!) created a little wolfman toy named Grimmie and sent him on a trip around the world, visiting various famous places with her friends; Grimmie's adventures have been documented on Facebook. My sister Julie did something similar with Mr. Pubes, her naughty monster. Some friends of our family have a little Legoman who likes to explore the world (and who also has his own Geocaching account, but that's another story). And of course, there was Simeon von Pumpernickel, who set out seeking fame and fortune and ended up with a family in Tel Aviv, as you do.

If you'd like to host Legoman on one of his adventures, you should certainly let me know... but recently I've been thinking about starting another round of adventures with a traveling critter. Perhaps a monkey? Simeon comes from a large and illustrious family, after all. If I were to do this, would anyone be interested in participating?

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Helena said...

Could do! :) Sounds like fun.