Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yay V!

See this cute (and smart) girl?

Her family came to Seattle this weekend to see her do this.

It was a large crowd, but I was persistent and eventually found her.

A rather blurry pic of V being presented. (It was the best I could do from up in the nosebleed section.)

Here's a better one.

Miss V graduated in her school colors of red and white. And as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma, this silly, sweet thought flashed through my mind:
And out of the pieces of red and white shell,
From the egg that he'd sat on so long and so well,
Horton the Elephant saw something whizz!
It had ears
And a tail
And a trunk just like his!
I'm so very proud of her.

Both of V's parents were here, PLUS both her grandmas, AND she received beautiful flowers and a necklace from her great-grandma. The day after commencement, everybody had a chance to get together, eat, tell family stories and celebrate V's achievement.

My sisters and V went to Pike Place Market and brought back a loverly bouquet of flowers. 'Cause they're thoughtful like that.

Also, Michele decided to take advantage of any downtime during the trip to Make Some Art. Here is what she made:

The Roxy triptych, inspired by our very own Roxy-cat.

Made with small canvases from Daiso, lots of origami and other found paper, scissors and Mod Podge galore.

Sadly, Roxy-cat really does like to drink from the Forbidden Fountain. She has been teaching us to put the lid down. Every. Single. Time.

Also, we went to The Crab Pot to bash some seafood.

It is a time-honored tradition, as we come from a long line of seafood-bashing people.

Here, my sister Wonder Woman demonstrates proper bashing stance.


Alas, no leftovers came home for the Roxy-cat. We bashed that seafood but good.


MarieC said...

Congrats to Miss V, and to you and Captain Midnight. Ya done good!

Soozcat said...

Lots of people were responsible for V's success. Most of the time what we did was stand back and not get in her way.

Douglas Cootey said...

Well done! Congratulations!!