Saturday, August 22, 2015

Miss V goes to college

Once upon a time there was a Little Miss V. And after a while she grew up to be a Big Miss V and was ready for some solo adventures. So she and I and about 300 pounds of V's Stuff got into the Small Silver Car of Errand-Running and went merrily driving across four states (all of which were in various states of smogginess, due to lots of wildfires across the American West *koff koff*). I had warned V about the general scariness of Utah drivers; after observing them up close in their native habitat today, she's a believer.

But eventually we got to where we were going...

...namely, the dormitories of her new university.

After going through check-in, V wasted no time unloading her gobs o' Stuff.

Dorm sweet dorm!

She brought lots of decorations with her (not pictured here) which she will be putting up to make this room more homelike. Her roomie (also not pictured here) hasn't moved in yet.

Please wish Miss V the best of luck as she embarks on her next big adventure!


Chrysanne Houghton said...

Good luck V! :3

Rachel said...

How fun! I remember my first day of college and being thrilled to be on my own, have roommates, and live in a new state.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the journey Miss V!
-Rachel (I'm your dad's cousin)