Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beauty Party Weekend

As I write, the annual Geocaching Block Party is proceeding apace over in Seattle. Many quests to be achieved, many caches to be found, many funtimes to be had, no doubt.

And for the first time since I started geocaching as a hobby, I won't be there.

< Tevye voice >You may ask... why won't you be there, Soozcat?
I'll tell you.< /Tevye voice >

Because today Miss V and I are going to go get manicures together.

When it comes to beauty and fashion, I'm low-maintenance. I wear minimal makeup, I get cheap haircuts, I don't read beauty mags or follow fashion trends, and the last time I got a professional manicure was 22 years ago, in preparation for marriage.

So why am I blowing off the Block Party to participate in a beauty ritual I have shown no interest in for more than two decades?

See this girl here?

She's bound for college next week. Although I expect that she will come to visit us on occasion, this is her official fly-the-coop experience. This Saturday is one of the last days I'll get to spend time with her before she goes. And what she wants today is the shared pampering of a beauty experience.

I have no interest in manicures. But I have plenty of interest in this girl.

There will be other Block Parties. (Or maybe there won't.) But there's only one Miss V.

We'll take pix of our nails later.


MarieC said...

I hope you enjoy your day of beauty and pampering! You've done a wonderful job with Miss V! You will miss her; I won't sugarcoat it. But, it will be wonderful watching her as she navigates her next big adventure!

Soozcat said...

It has truly taken a village to raise this girl. Between her mom, her grandma, her aunties, CM and me, plus numerous teachers, advisors, friends and adopted grandmothers, there have been a lot of contributions to her character.