Monday, August 01, 2016

Busy, busy, busy!

Yes, like the notorious magician Professor Hinkle in the animated Frosty the Snowman special of yesteryear, we are going to be "busy, busy, busy" this month. At some point or other, we've got to pull off all of the following:
  • find and purchase a car for Miss V DONE! (WOOT WOOT CM'S DAD!)
  • find Miss V an apartment in another state DONE
  • make sure the deposit and rent are paid on said apartment DONE
  • get a rental car DONE
  • pack all of Miss V's stuff into the rental car DONE
  • move all that stuff, plus Miss V, three states away for college DONE
  • unpack all that stuff into aforementioned apartment DONE
  • visit the fam DONE
  • drive home solo DONE! whew.
This isn't taking into consideration all the other standard-issue stuff that happens every month (doctor appointments, dentist appointments, home/visiting teaching, general errands, Epic Late-Night Grocery Runs, etc.), so it looks like we'll all have our hands full. Wheee.

So, long story short(er), if you start wondering why I'm not making many updates on the blog this month, wonder no more.
I'm just seeing what I can pull out of this hat.

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