Friday, August 12, 2016

Here it goes again

Mom's back in the hospital today. Dialysis hasn't been going well and she's retaining water, had coma-level blood sugars, low heartbeat and crazy blood pressure that's been going very high and very low. Her doctors are trying to figure it all out right now. Please pray for her.

ETA (8/13/16): Mom called me this morning from the hospital. She sounds in better spirits today, although she admits that when she first went in the ambulance she wasn't sure that she would make it. If I understand it correctly, the best theory is that she's been retaining water from the peritoneal dialysis she's been undergoing, plus the night before all this happened she had low blood sugar and took insulin on top of that. When she first got to the hospital, her blood glucose was in the 20s somewhere (for comparison's sake, it's supposed to be around 100). One of her doctors thinks she should go home today, and another insists she should go home tomorrow, so I guess they'll go out in the corridors and solve their differences the ancient medical way (LIGHTSABER BATTLE!).

So this went down. Really. I swear.

ETA (8/14/16): Mom called me this afternoon to let me know she was home again. I don't know if she's out of the woods, but at least she's healthy enough to be out of the hospital!

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