Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Looking for cheap, good recipes!

ISS V has been delivered to her new college apartment and reasonably set up with food and other necessities. She doesn't know any of her roomies this year, so I hope she and they manage to get along well. In the brief time I was in Utah I also got to visit my mom, who is currently undergoing various forms of dialysis to find one that works best for her. My sisters have worked incredibly hard this summer making sure she stays as healthy as possible, and my hat is off to both of them -- home dialysis is not easy at all, and they've been doing a bang-up job of it.

In semi-related news, as you may have heard elsewhere, we're in debt. Not hugely so, but enough that I'd like to make sure it goes away as quickly as possible. To that end, I'll be bringing in more money by looking for work in earnest starting next week, but I'm also going to pore over the budget and find ways to keep some more of our outbound cash. One way to do that is to cook from scratch more often. And while I will be looking over our considerable stash of recipes and cooking based on what's on sale this week, I'm also always looking for more ways to vary our diet. So I'd like to ask you, my 3.5 readers: got any cheap, reasonably healthy, tasty recipes for us to try? Thanks in advance!

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