Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Behold, Utah!

Got up at Oh Dark Hundred and flew from SeaTac to Long Beach to Salt Lake, then got on the FrontRunner and eventually picked up a rental car. I've been at my mom's place for about an hour. And I plan on being here some two weeks, so all you Puget Sound folks are getting a well-deserved fortnight's respite from Soozcat, The Chick Who Won't Shut Up!

The view from Mom's balcony. It's right purty.

Mom will be going into a rehab center for a week to 10 days, getting care and information on how to handle her long-term convalescence (a broken hip takes about a year to heal completely). "So what will you be doing then, Sooz?" I hear you cry. Well, I will be doing whatever needs to be done, running errands and cleaning house and entertaining Mom and otherwise keeping busy.

Oh, and sleeping. I intend to sleep very heavily tonight, since I think my current collective sleep strength is Brief Nap. (Mornings. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.)

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MarieC said...

I am sorry you had to come to Utah for this purpose, but I hope that we might sneak in a visit whilst you are here?