Thursday, April 20, 2017

Riding a wave of ick

ARLY this morning I awakened to the enchanting sensation of extreme nausea. Ten minutes and lots of barfing later, I showered and promptly crawled back into bed. Since then I've been shaking and trying to take small sips of water, trying to keep liquid down. Not sure where I picked this bug up, but I'd be more than happy to drop it somewhere else.

Roxy-cat has decided she can best help by hopping up on the bed and sleeping next to me. (We have observed that, despite her timidity, Roxy is very curious about "her people" and wants to be wherever they are. No matter where CM and I go in the house, five seconds later she's there looking at us like "whatcha doin'?") She's a good kitty.

For the nonce, the queasiness has settled down, but I'm still shaky and dizzy. My head is killing me, but I'm afraid to take aspirin for fear it will come back up. Something tells me I'm not going to be terribly useful today.

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