Saturday, November 25, 2017


Well, I'm now convinced that the 11th Commandment is "Thou shalt not be smug."

See, Captain Midnight picked up this nasty bug on our last day in California, and I managed to stay healthy and not contract it from him. For two days, anyway, and for those two days I took garlic and vitamins and swished with Listerine, and generally felt pretty smug. Until the Karma Faerie showed up and RAN ME OVER. So now I have the ick too... just three days behind CM. He seems to be on the mend, but if he suddenly keels over, I'll know my days are numbered. (That would be three days, for those of you with twenty-eight browser windows open right now.)

We'd previously been invited to Thanksgiving by the ever gracious Fen and Mitch, but since we weren't keen to share our leprosy, we decided to stay home and have a little mini-Thanksgiving instead. We had ham instead of turkey, made our favorite sides, heated up some rolls, took it easy, played with the cat, that kind of thing. Any chance to enjoy time together is good.

But now Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday is over (whew), and that can only mean one thing:


No, that sentence doesn't count. I mean the Holiday Holler, our annual newsletter/tissue of lies. I need to get it finished and out the door in time for the Christmas season. And I have no idea what nonsense to write this year. Hmm.


Maybe I'll just take a dose of NyQuil and let inspiration strike. Couldn't be a whole lot worse than what I've written in the past while not under the influence of cold meds, ne?

It's a sight better than taking this stuff.

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