Monday, January 15, 2018

Cranblue Pie

Because I have some missionaries to feed tonight.

Also because I had a single pie crust, a bag of cranberries and a carton of blueberries that needed using up.

Also also because NOMS.

So I pulled out the pie crust, fitted it into our pie plate, trimmed off the edges, rolled them out and cut out leftover bits with the fancy chrysanthemum cutter.

Then I washed all the berries and threw 'em in a pot, along with some sugar, some cornstarch, the juice of a lemon, that sorta thing, and stirred like mad over medium-high heat until it all boiled. (The cranberries start popping, which is a rather delightful sound until you realize they are also spitting boiling-hot cranberry juice hither and yon. This is why most recipes say "stir constantly" during this bit.)

I let that mess simmer until it was thick, then let it cool while I did all the dishes. Well, some of the dishes. Look, I'll get to the rest of them later. Dishes me no likey.

Once it was cool enough to handle, I poured the scrumptious goodness into the pie shell (well, at least as much as would fit in the pie shell -- the rest CM will just have to eat over ice cream or something), tossed the leftover bits on top, put it on a cookie sheet and slid the whole thing into a preheated 425-degree oven. (Why a cookie sheet? Then you won't have to clean pie filling off the bottom of the oven if it drips, O Best Beloved.)

Yeah, in retrospect, the leftover bits are Insufficient.
I should've made a lattice top instead. Still, tasty.
The only thing left to do is let this baby cool for several hours. CM and the mish will eat it with whipped cream.

Now to figure out what else they're going to eat. Thick-cut pork chops, I think, with Leanne Brown's cauliflower cheese recipe and a green salad. And maybe some leftover colcannon, stretched a bit with mashed potatoes and lots of green onions. That'll do. If they go home hungry after that, it's their own fault.

And yes, you're right, "CM and the Mish" would make an excellent name for a band.

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