Friday, January 19, 2018

Here beginneth Soozcat's whining

'VE previously determined that this is the year I get serious about my health challenges, so I've been seeing my doctor. He's put me on a two-phase diet where I go one week on a high protein/low carb regimen, and one week on nothing but clear, sugar-free, caffeine-free liquids and protein supplements (so: protein shakes, water, Crystal Light, broth, sugar-free Jello and sugar-free Popsicles). I'm on the liquid-only phase of the diet right now, and I tell you what, it ain't pretty. Not only do I feel hungry much of the time, but I've been tired and listless, fighting a headache, and generally out of sorts for several days. MyFitnessPal keeps scolding me that I'm not eating enough. I'm taking my supplements, so presumably I won't keel over any time soon, but when one's only taking in about 500 calories a day, something's gotta give.

Yeah, yeah, whine whine whine. The good news is that the doctor is pleased with my progress. So there's that.

Related: can anyone local recommend a good indoor walking track that I don't have to spend fifty bazillion dollars to use? I know I'm not Elphaba Thropp, I can walk in the rain without dissolving, but I'm not particularly keen to do so, especially when it's cold. I guess I could march around the mall for a while, but the mall has its own temptations, especially when one is trudging grimly through a food court while on a liquid diet. If you have suggestions, I'd be keen to read them. Thanks.

Oh, and if I've been short with you recently: sorry. Really. I'm sure I'll be much nicer next week.

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