Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The big red Belgian waffle

Some time ago, I promised this was not going to turn into a knitting blog.

I have made no such promises about crochet, though.

For the last month I've been working on this big kooshy scarf, sometimes at home and sometimes in public. I'm not usually keen on worsted-weight or heavier yarn in crocheted items to be worn; my tastes run more to sport-weight yarn or lighter for crocheted accessories, and I think most chunky crochet looks best as a blanket or afghan. But this project is winning me over to the chunky side. Not only is there an attractive pattern on both sides, but the high-relief texture traps air, making this scarf very warm and comfortable to wear on a cold day. AND because I'm working in worsted weight, it's been a much faster project than a knitted scarf of similar size (though it does eat up a lot more yarn).

Unfortunately, the Waffle was started too late to contribute to the Red Scarf Project for 2018. Fortunately, I have a Red Scarf Box in the hall closet for just such an eventuality. Near the end of the year, when I've made enough scarves to fill the box, I'll close it, tape it up and send it out for the 2019 batch of care packages. Unless, in the interim, someone absolutely loves the Big Red Belgian Waffle and says, "I must have him in my life AT ONCE!" (Yes, apparently this scarf is a "he." I dunno, it just seemed right.)

ETA: Done! Now on to the next one!

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