Friday, March 02, 2018

Well, that's over.

Back from the hospital, where they just performed an endoscopy. I was taken care of by a cadre of very sweet people. The worst thing about it was getting in the IV (as you may know, I am basically a turnip, so they had to poke me four different times before they had success. And this is why I've developed a minor phobia of blood draws and IVs). They put me under, so I had a pretty good nap, woke up with puffy eyes and a sore throat, and am now back home, being loved on by Roxy-cat.

Captain Midnight ferried me home, since I'm not supposed to be operating heavy machinery at the mo. Now he's off to find something tasty for his dinner, probably pad thai. Me, I think I'm gonna have some homemade chicken broth that was simmering on the stove the whole time we were at the hospital.

ETA: Next day. In some fairly significant pain today. The sore throat and cough are persisting, though not as bad as yesterday, but what's surprising me is how much my stomach muscles hurt. It's like I did 6 million crunches. That, or it's possible the doctor had a horse come in and kick me in the stomach while I was anesthetized. I'm afraid to take anything for pain because aspirin and other NSAIDs cause stomach bleeding, and Tylenol doesn't actually do anything for me; it just makes me loopy.

ETA2: It is now March 4 (the day that's both a date AND a command), but I cannot march forth because I'm still hurting. What started in the stomach muscles has now spread to the calf muscles, back, neck and upper arms. I stopped by Bartell's and got some Tiger Balm on the pharmacist's recommendation, and went to bed smelling like an arthritic old lady, but couldn't sleep much -- any time I tried to cough or move, the pain woke me up. I've been looking into this (because it's what I do) and have discovered that "abdominal muscle cramps" is a rare but known side effect of propofol, the anesthetic they used for the endoscopy. At this point I'm just keeping track of the symptoms so I can report them to my doctor at the next appointment; if I called his office now, they'd just send me to the ER, and now isn't a particularly good time for me to be in the ER. Hoping this too shall pass. I've received a blessing this morning and would appreciate prayers, if you're inclined to do so.

ETA3: Bugger all this for a lark! I'm taking ibuprofen, endoscopy or no endoscopy!

ETA4: (3/5) This is probably going to be the final update on this subject. I'm feeling a lot better today, though my stomach still hurts a bit. Prayers and pain medicine helped tremendously. Thanks to everyone who asked after my health -- you're all very kind, and I so appreciate it. I had a chat with the doctor's office this morning and will have a followup appointment later in the month, where we'll discuss my response to anesthetic in greater detail. It's important to know for future surgical purposes -- I do NOT want this to happen again!

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