Monday, November 20, 2006

Alas, poor sickie

Still sick, and coughing quite a bit. To combat the chills, I've taken to wearing some old pajamas passed on to me by hubby's grandma. They are big and shapeless, and a shade of Pepto-Bismol pink that's better imagined than described (or seen, for that matter). When I catch a fleeting glimpse of myself in the mirror, my brain involuntarily starts playing, "Look out, look out, pink elephant on parade, here she comes, hippety-hoppety..."

Being sick reminds me of a story about our old family doctor. For reasons it would take too long to explain here, we used to call him Doctor Fred, although that's not his real name. Not only was he our family's doctor, but he also looked after my aunt and uncle's family, who lived in the town next door. Doctor Fred had a calm, placid bedside manner that masked a rather wicked sense of humor.

One day, when my sister Julie was in the doctor's office, Doctor Fred came in to see her. He was carrying with him a huge, evil-looking syringe filled with some sort of gloopy reddish fluid -- a novelty item. He convinced Julie to take the syringe, walk into the next exam room, and surprise the person waiting in there.

When Julie opened the exam room door, she was surprised to see her cousin David, who (completely unknown to her) just happened to have an appointment with Doctor Fred at the same time. She quickly made the most of it, cackling evilly and brandishing Doctor Fred's big horse syringe at David -- who has a phobic fear of shots.

Mom says you could hear poor David screaming all the way out in the parking lot.

I love Doctor Fred.


tlawwife said...

When in sick pj's don't look in the mirror. They are much to comfortable to care how you look. Poor David, that is like when my mom said that red jello in the hospital had blood in it and that is what they brought me to eat after I had my tonsils out.

Chesno Slova said...

I totally forgot you guys used to see Dr. Fred also.

I definately remember that incident now though. David was probably inflicted with another case of the "Sunday Sickness"--you know the one. That one that gets you ill right before church and mysteriously clears up about time church ends.

PG said...

Poor you! Every gal needs a pair of comfy PJ's, they are not sexy but they are very soothing. One nestles in them like a sick puppy in a blanket. I am writing this on Wednesday so I hope you are pulling round now.

tlc illustration said...

I hope you two are feeling better also. We will miss you - and wish you were here for the turkey fest!! (Are you planning another trip north anytime?)

Soozcat said...

Hi folks. Still full of the ick. It seems to have migrated to my eye, which is puffy and swollen and fulla goo, so I've been putting a wrung-out hot washcloth over one eye in an attempt to make it happy. Hubby has been working wounded the last few days, poor guy, but luckily today he's done for a while; he gets Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving.

We would've loved to come up to Seattle, tlc... just didn't feel a desire to share the ick with any of you.