Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Houseguests and other goodies

I've discovered that, apparently, I am not a multitasker. I can handle only one major thing at a time -- and at the moment, that one major thing is houseguests. My mom and two of my sisters are here at the moment, and their being here has taken up most of my time.

Which is the best excuse I can make for not sharing these goodies sooner:Oooo, a package from Down Under! What could it be?

Why, it's a lovely SOSF parcel from Jo, of course! The contents included three Dilmah tea bags (peach), a beautiful handmade card, a recipe book featuring some delightfully decadent desserts (mmmm) and Jo's own recipe for chocolate and coconut crackles. Oh yes, I am quite pleased. And Australia's best cakes and tarts will soon be mine!

As if that weren't riches enough, within days I also received a parcel from the lovely and talented Gretel. It included some luscious stem ginger cookies, a packet of Red Flannel Elephant cards, some love hearts, some fruit-flavored farm animal gummies, a sherbet fountain and two beautiful handmade scherenschnitte cards (if you haven't already, I highly recommend you go buy some of your own, plug plug). Not shown: the four Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars that were immediately and gluttonously snarfed by hubby, niece and me. Also not shown: the three of us looking poised and dignified with yummy British chocolate smeared all over our faces.

And now it's nearly time for dinner. Navajo tacos tonight. Partially created and consumed by an authentic Navajo, no less (Miss V). Off to eat dinner, enjoy company, and revel in goodies from the post box!


tlawwife said...

There is nothing like real British Chocolate. If we want to get on our oldest good side we do that Cadbury thing. My two oldest children toured their factory when they were in England. Needless to say it was a highlight of their trip.

PG said...

I wondered where the chocolate had gotten to...

natural attrill said...

What lovely goodies you have received!