Monday, July 09, 2007

*teeny squeaky voice* hi

If this post sounds funny, it's because I have laryngitis. We went to a family reunion and I guess somebody there shared the gift that keeps on giving, because now I have some sort of upper respiratory infection with lots of coughing. Alas, my health has gone on vacation and my voice seems to have eloped with it. I sound like a rusty old screen door today.
That, or I have one of these guys lodged in my throat.
The good news is that lovely Gretel, who celebrated a birthday not long ago, sent a bundle of goodies in the post! I'll try to post pictures later (assuming I can stop Captain Midnight and Miss V from nibbling it away). Meanwhile, off to the doctor to see whether this grunge is bacterial or viral.


natural attrill said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Looking forward to seeing Gretel's goodies!

PG said...

Poor voice :( Glad to hear the parcel (finally) arrived, I was starting to worry...