Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taking care of Little Sickie

For the last few days our Miss V has been coughing and clearing her throat, and today she's got a full-fledged case of The Ick. So today she's been home, drowning her sorrows in anime and playing WAY too much online. (Can't imagine where she gets that from.) She's been trying to avoid doses of cough syrup since she hates the taste, but I AM A MEAN AUNTIE who insists that she take it anyway. Muahahaha!

We've been very fortunate, in that Miss V is unusually hale and hearty and rarely gets sick. Due to issues regarding our status as temporary guardians, she only has the most basic insurance related to accidents at school. The rest of the time we pay out of pocket for doctor and dentist visits, which get pricey, but they're necessary. (Yeah, I know. "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.") If this doesn't clear up within a day or two, it's off to the doctor. Meanwhile, lots of hot baths and ginger tea and bed rest for V.

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