Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Manly husband is manly

My mom was growing tired of the 25-year-old decor and wallpaper in her living room/dining room area.

Captain Midnight to the rescue!

First, we merrily ripped out the wallpaper and wiped the walls free of glue (not shown here).

Then CM swaddled the dining room in plastic...

...within an inch of its life.

Christo was here.

Then, after extensive taping, he began cutting in with the sunny yellow paint my mom picked out.

It was... quite vibrant.

Miss V (here looking heroic) described it as "Mexican restaurant yellow." Hmm.

Then CM began happily defacing the living room...

...with various painted slogans.

Finally, after several days of work, the walls were finished!

And the two intrepid painters celebrated by going to Seven Peaks. The end.


MarieC said...

LOVE the color!! CM is Da Man!

Soozcat said...

CM says, "If not me, who?" :)

Fenchurch said...

Ooo... I like it! Can't wait to see it in person!

Soozcat said...

The living room was painted a paler butter-yellow, and the two go together really well.