Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sick on Christmas?

So it would seem. Despite my best attempts at precautions, the Ick that's been going around to my friends has finally come around to me. I'm coughing and snerting, my ears feel full, my throat's throbbing and raw, and my voice sounds like five miles of gravel road. As with everyone else who's been privileged to enjoy this, I felt fine yesterday; it literally came on overnight. So my plans for today have been altered a bit:
  1. Lie in bed.
  2. Force fluids.
  3. Read from the Teetering Pile of books to be read.
  4. Sleep. A lot.
Fortunately our Christmas shopping is effectively done, so I can languish in peace today, but being sick over Christmas kinda bites. Especially if this turns into an ear infection. Meh.
Fetch me the lavender salts! I do believe I have the vapors!


Fenchurch said...

Oh no! Really hope you didn't get it from me. :-(

Soozcat said...

Dunno. CM and I also made a Target run late yesterday, and I suppose I could have picked it up from anyone shopping there.

MarieC said...

Darn! Hope you are feeling better today!!