Monday, December 29, 2014

Video postcards from Utah

HEN my sister Julie visited a friend in Israel, she created this series of videos of neighborhoods in and around Tel Aviv which she called "video postcards." Since she has an actual film school education and hands-on experience with cinematography, Julie's video postcards are going to look a whole lot smoother and more professional than mine, but I thought I might do worse than share with you the winter wonderland of Provo, Utah as seen from my mom's house.

Here's the view of the valley from my mom's front porch, plus a bonus pic of our neighbor shoveling snow out of his yard. Hi, neighbor!

Here's my mom's back yard, which is very steep and full of boulders -- though that's probably hard to tell right now with the blanket of snow covering everything. By the way, if you keep stomping up this hillside you will eventually hit the trail which leads to the big Y on the mountain.

Not shown: the big covered pot of homemade turkey broth cooling in the snow. Mm mm good.

In other news: still sick. Captain Midnight did take me to the Instacare today, where I was told that my particular tenacious malady is probably viral, though now I have a prescription for Zithromax just in case it isn't. For the nonce, then, I continue to bark like a seal and wheeze out sentences like the female version of Pat Buttram. (Hire me quick, Disney voice talent scouts!)

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